Lorenzo Santo

Lorenzo Santo was born in Calizzano (SV) in 1929, a small mountain villagenot far from the seaside. His father, born in Uruguay, ran a forestry business and owned some land nearby. Renzo spent his childhood in fascist Italy, marching as a “little Balilla” and attended the high school during war time, an experience which definitely shaped his life. He then moved then to Genoa graduating in Economics with the highest grade in 1954. He began working in the shipping industry moving then to Milan to study and teach statistics and marketing. In 1960 he joined Olivetti, a leading Italian technology company at its peak during the ‘60s; in the years of Italian industrialization, Renzo worked with ElserinoPiol in the newly born electronic division leading the successful US launch of Programma 101, the world’s first personal computer. In 1976 he founded IDEA, its entrepreneurial venture which grew for the following 25 years. IDEA, whose main business was the production of innovative, full stack, IT systems, had the vision to make technology usable by everyone and improve everyone’s life through nice to see useful invention.